Kinetic Botany

Kinetic Botany is dynamic floral artistry that celebrates naturalness and joy.

We love working with flowers because they have a life force- even cut stems can still grow and move. Kinetic Botany designs are intentional, respecting and elevating a flower’s natural movement. Your flowers will take on a different kind of beauty as they age and time passes.

Flowers stop people in their tracks. In a world where everyone is one the go, we can all use a moment of pure joy and wonder. We strive to connect with people through floral arts because a great designer can create moments of joy unmatched by anything else. When we say, flowers that move you, we mean it.

In fact, there’s science behind this  – being around flowers makes people happier. When working with Kinetic Botany, we will put your happiness at the center of everything we do- from creating a bespoke design tailored to your desires to delivering a perfect moment of joy at your wedding or other celebration. We cannot wait to make something beautiful for you!

Kinetic Botany is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, sex worker positive, and an inclusive space for all clients. 


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